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How to Redeem

After you place an order, you’ll be shipped a physical, serialized collector card that will have a unique QR code. Scanning this code with your phone will allow you to claim and own the NFT.

1. Scan the QR Code

Open your the camera app on your phone and hold it near the QR code on the back of the card. Once the code is recognized by the app, tap on the link.

Note: Until you’ve claimed your NFT, be careful about displaying this code on social media or anywhere someone else may be able to view and claim it.


2. Sign Up

If you do not have a wallet…

Signing up without an existing wallet is simple and familiar, allowing you to create your account using your email address or by connecting your Google account.

A wallet will be automatically created for you and associated with your login credentials.

If you already have a wallet…

If a web3 wallet is detected (for example, the Metamask extension is installed on your Chrome browser), the signup and login panel will allow you to connect by signing a transaction using your existing wallet.

An additional wallet will be automatically created for you and associated with your login credentials. The wallet you used to connect will be linked to your account, facilitating faster authentication and allowing you to transfer your NFTs between wallets.

3. Claim Your NFT

Once you’ve created a wallet, the NFT will automatically begin the process of being transferred to it. Because this happens via the blockchain, it may take a minute or two for this transaction to process.

Occasionally you may see a message like this indicating that the blockchain is busy and may need additional time to process: 

In this circumstance, please check back later to verify the NFT has been transferred. You may also email us if you need additional support.

Note that once the transfer process has been initiated you will see a message that “This NFT has already been claimed” when scanning the QR code again. Once the transfer completes the NFT will show up in your wallet, however.