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Kāohuokaʻala Seto – ʻAʻai ka Piko ʻOle


ʻAʻai means contrasting colors, referring to the different shades used in the pāpale, or hat. The phrase means the “contrasting colored hat”. This picture is what a Piko’ole pāpale looks like when started. Woven out of lauhala, the pandanus leaf that is popularly used in Hawaii and throughout the pacific.

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Ka’ohuoka’ala Osamu Seto, 41, is a 2nd generation lauhala Weaver since the age of 10 and was taught by his father Duncan Ka’ohuoka’ala Seto. Grew up in Wai’anae and is currently a paramedic for the city and county of Honolulu.