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Collectible Cards + NFTs

Alohachella Drop

2/22/22 at 2:22pm HST


  • All NFTs issued through a redeemable physical collectors card (view example)
  • 22 NFTs limited to an edition of 100 per design
  • Collection will be available for 2 weeks or until sold out
  • Each NFT is $30 with free shipping of the collectors card within the USA
  • 10% of all sales will be donated to a local Hawaii charity
  • NFT holders will be able to purchase limited edition shirts of their NFT exclusive to owners only (view example)

Drop One Collection

John “Prime” Hina – Funki’i

John “Prime” Hina is an American graffiti artist and founder of 808 Urban collective. As a gang tagger he was a prominent force behind the legendary K2S Crew. Coming from Honolulu, Hawaii, Prime spent most of his graffiti days tagging on the streets of Los Angeles and getting into trouble with violence and drugs.

Jack Soren – Lil’ Wavy

Jack Soren is a 26-year-old wave-surfing, graffiti-spraying, mural-painting, Native Hawaiian artist, born, raised, and currently residing on the North Shore of the Hawaiian island of Oahu. As a child, Jack spent most of his time at the beach, his family possessing a deep-rooted connection to the ocean, and surfing in particular. As a teenager, he spent most of his time spray painting ditches, where he fell in love with artistry and the painted figure. Now, as an adult, Jack utilizes the lessons, techniques, and nuances of these two passions to create diverse, multifaceted works of art.

Carl Pao – Untitled


Kahiau Beamer – The Shell Thief


Jason Walter – A.L.L.good


Kaveh Kardan – Ghostly Figure 1


Luke DeKneef


Jalene Kanani


Brook Parker – Hawaiian Warrior


Noble – Koa Hewahewa

I am a “human” BEING. Conscious, coherent, expressive, honest.

Travis Shak – Fire In The Sky


Pekuna Hong – Timoteo Ha’alilio


Mike Gonsalves – Midnight with Mokihana


Kāohuokaʻala Seto – ʻAʻai ka Piko ʻOle

Ka’ohuoka’ala Osamu Seto, 41, is a 2nd generation lauhala Weaver since the age of 10 and was taught by his father Duncan Ka’ohuoka’ala Seto. Grew up in Wai’anae and is currently a paramedic for the city and county of Honolulu.

Jon Mozo – Natural Birth


Dalani Tanahy – Calafrisco


Umi Kai – Niho Manō


James Davis – Fire Warrior


Alika Spahn Naihe – Kupu

“I paʻa ke kino o ke keiki i ka lāʻau.” “That the body of the child be solidly built by the medicines.” – ʻōlelo noʻeau #1252 The wisdom of kūpuna, like medicine, nourishes the growth of the next generation.

Artworkofkai – Mononoke Nightmare: Down Babylon


Puff – Sacred Eye Skull

Puff is a graffiti, digital, and tattoo artist from Waianae Hawaii. Instagram @pufftronic

Seth Womble – Calm in Chaos

It is possible to remain centered in the maelstrom of life. Navigate well and enjoy the journey.

Bronson Kobayashi – “Hā” Re-imagined


Tkay – Golden Koi


Kala’e Tangonan – Blue Scales


Sam Kapoi – Patience


Solomon Enos – MMMRRRZZZM

“MMMRRRZZZMMM” is the sound of this Human-Flower unfolding, with all the new generations emerging from within. Created before the Covid pandemic, this mural took on new a significance, showing the power of collectivism during challenging times. The original theme is also quite relevant, for it is an expression of hope that we see in plants and trees. If nature can keep blooming and thriving during difficult times, then so can we!:)

William Gilliam – Ropes

I have been making digital and traditional art for 25 years. I love all things art and nature related.

Dizzitoast – Tiki Trouble


Ira Stivers – Homage to the Past

This abstract piece was created with the intent to blend modern abstract with inspiration from artist from the past. With the passion I have for abstract art I wanted to take things I have learned to from doing murals and graffiti to a more progressive form of abstract.

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